After driving through a countryside filled with ostrich farms, Sandy and I made our way to the Waitomo glow worm caves for some black water rafting. Equipped with wet suits, helmets, inner tubes and 2 Germans, we explored the caves with our Maori guide.  

The glow worms are actually a "fungus gnat" but glow worm obviously has a much better ring to it. In the larva stage they glow to attract prey and after they emerge from their eggs, the females continue to glow even brighter but now to attract a mate. The things gals will do to get the attention of some bro, eh?

We crawled through tunnels, jumped off waterfalls (when Sandy was invited to do this she politely replied "that's not happening" but sure enough she did it!) and floated through the caves admiring the neon green glow worms. In the pitch black cave they look like a beautiful night sky, it was quite the experience.