San Diego


LA has a real hustle to it between the traffic jams and San Francisco exudes wifi and an entrepreneurial spirit, but San Diego is just straight up breezy and laaaaid back. 

We mostly split our time between Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach, running on the cliffs and enjoying the water. Everyone seemed to be either eating ice cream on the boardwalk or going for a mid-afternoon run. I know it must happen, but I just can't imagine anyone heading to the office in San Diego. 

Giant organ practice in Balboa Park. 

Giant organ practice in Balboa Park. 

Once we ventured downtown, I was mighty impressed by the pristine city streets and the charming Gas Lamp District. We toured the USS Midway, wandered around Balboa Park and had Taco Tuesday in fancy La Jolla even though it was really Taco Everyday. 


We also had a big day out at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park which was as hot as the Serengeti. We were shameless tourists with my DSLR telephoto lens and Scott's GoPro steadicam, shooting everything, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the gorillas and eating slushies. 

San Diego's a real good time.