Took a train from Cardiff and stopped in Oxford for a few days. Home of the oldest university in the English speaking world, it oozes a historic, academic feel with it's grandiose, ivy covered buildings. 

baby rugby practice

baby rugby practice

While in Oxford, I painted my nails in Christchurch Meadow (you have to get creative when you're living in a room with 11 other people) and managed to get locked inside a downtown cafe. Long story, but for a solid hour I was trapped inside Art Cafe surrounded by baked goods and free wifi, which if you think about it, was kind of a dream come true.

Having to go to the post office, I found myself in the historic Jericho neighborhood which was originally a place for travelers to rest if they reached the city after the gates had closed. Now it has hippie book stores, cute cafe's and a stunning pottery shop, Illyria, that's owned by a lovely American with great curls.  

+ Keep clicking the photo above for more shots around Jericho. 

I stopped into Oxford to visit my friend George, who I also know from my time in Australia. He just finished school at Oxford and is now working as a General Manager for a brand new bar called The Chester. George is charming as hell, full of pizazz, could talk me off a cliff and is an incredible storyteller. We caught up over many pints and he told me about his life the last 5 years and his recent gigs as a VIP Host at the London and Sochi Olympics ("Nicole Kidman? Nothing to her! Looks like a praying mantis!"). He took me on a mini-bar crawl to the historical Bear Inn (oldest in Oxford, dates back to 1242), Turf Tavern (beautifully lit outdoor seating) and the bohemian Cafe Tarifa

Oxford reminded me of the gorgeous bits of Boston College and George was an absolute delight to see again. Good couple of days.