To make my way back to London (to fly to New Zealand!) I took a long weekend detour through Bristol, England. Bristol's a pretty city that's home to Banksy, many colorful houseboats, a fun music scene and some awesome restaurants.  

We got tickets for Beardyman (a one man triple-threat of a DJ/beatboxer/comedian) our first night there. His DJ set that included insane beatboxing was accompanied by trippy videos at Thekla, a great little venue that's actually a boat.


The houseboats in Floating Harbor (that runs right through the city) were bright and cute, a nice alternative to a downtown apartment. 

"Well-Hung Lover"

"Well-Hung Lover"

We hunted down Banksy works around the city and marveled at the boat-building going on right along the harbor but the four day visit basically ended up being a food tour through the city. 

The tour included: an Indian Thanksgiving dinner, awesome jerk-everything Carribean food at Turtle Bay (after watching Imitation Game at Watershed - amazing movie at an amazing theater) and butternut squash mac + cheese at a place called The Boston Tea Party, which I was particularly fond of (no bias there or anything).