In August, Scott and I met in LA to team up with JUCY Rentals.  We did 2 week road trip along California's Pacific Coast Highway to make  a little video to show off their camper van, The Champ

The Champ, loud and proud. 

The Champ, loud and proud. 

After picking The Champ, we headed south for a night in Huntington Beach which was (in Scott's words) "absolute carnage" due to the Vans US Open of Surf being on and taking over the main strip. 


California RV sites can get pretty pricey during the summer, so we took the frugal route and opted to park/sleep at any quiet side-of-the-road we could find. Luckily, despite having a very obviously bright green and purple camper van, we didn't encounter much trouble with this method. Only one Park Ranger came knocking at 3 AM in SF Golden Gate Park... but Scott charmed him with his accent and I stayed quiet to seem like an innocent foreigner. AND we were able to put that saved money towards more important things, like fish tacos. They became a staple food group on the road, starting at George's Grill in Huntington and continuing on for the next 14 days straight.