Queenstown's scenery is as epic as it's extreme sports and we had an adventurous few days there to celebrate Sandy's birthday. 

The drive into Queenstown is straight up majestic. 

Queestown's center is filled with cute cafes, restaurants and a bar scene that (despite it's reputation) doesn't quite rival Allston, MA (as in, skip it unless you're 22 and into cover bands and jagerbombs). We took a break from our camp meals and splurged on some steaks at Flame and coffees at Vudu Cafe and Joe's Garage


During out time there, we visited Milford Sound and Sandy jumped out of a plane (more on the later) but on our last day there we rode the gondola up to the top of Queenstown and drove luges down. I didn't think this would be all that thrilling as we're adults who have been driving actual automobiles for over 10 years. I was wrong, I squealed the entire time and wish I did it 7 more times. 

In conclusion...Queenstown: come for the beauty, stay for the luges.