Milford Sound is as famous to New Zealand as Lord of the Rings.

While I haven't actually seen any of those films (I'm more of a Flight of the Conchords type), Sandy and I did make a point of visiting Milford Sound.

I only see  this  when looking at this photo. 

I only see this when looking at this photo. 

Our trip over was long and a little groggy. Queenstown nightlife may not be anything worth raving about but that's not to say we didn't participate. Between naps, we pulled over for shots of the beautiful landscapes. 

Then, we hopped on a boat and cruised the famous (and windy) fiord. 

Five months into my time in NZ (I'm a bit behind on blog posts) I still haven't seen Lord of the Rings, but with the high winds, waterfalls, seals, rainbows and asian men taking selfies... Milford Sound was cinematic enough.