From Omokoroa, we had a long drive to Wellington  to make our late-night ferry to the south island the following day.  

Reputation-wise, the south island is understood to be far more impressive (it's snow capped mountains are legitimately insane) than the north....but the scenery of the north island is nothing to ignore. Sandy and I were constantly in awe driving through the rolling green hills of the country side. Vocab words that you rarely get to use in everyday life like "pastoral", "bucolic" and "idyllic" came to mind during this long drive and Sandy's reaction of: "HOLY HELL!", also summed up the feeling quite nicely. 

Parked on Lake Taupo.

Parked on Lake Taupo.

Fueled by coffee and mixed nuts, we drove through the mountains, took a quick dip in Lake Taupo and made it to our Wellington campsite just in time for a colorful sunset.